Dr Will O'Connor offers bespoke endurance sports coaching to help you become a faster, more informed athlete.



Will has help me to the top of the sport. Over the last 3 yrs Will and I have worked together to slowly progress year after year to the point where I am now a contender in every race I enter.

Kieran McPherson - Professional Multisport Athlete


Get Bespoke Coaching with Dr Will


Straightforward pricing, three offerings that are easy to understand

Running Technique

Run faster and reduce injury risk


$ 399.00nzd

Video Analysis

Technique Correction

Report and video vault

1-on-1 Personalised Plan


$ 379.00nzd


45 min Consultation w/ Dr Will

Goal setting & race planning

Bespoke 12 week training plan

Ongoing Coaching

For athletes wanting regular feedback


$ 449.00/month


1-on-1 Coaching with Dr Will

Limit 10 athletes

Data Analysis and Progress Tracking

Dr Will O'Connor - Professional Coach, Sports Scientist, Endurance Athlete

I Love Endurance Sports

I have been racing, studying and coaching endurance sports for my entire adult life. For me, endurance training isn't an afterthought or a chore, it's a way of life.

Early mornings, blisters, afternoon naps, getting excited about the latest Garmin release, that's who I am.

My start in Coaching

During my PhD, I began to get approached for my advice on endurance training principles and practices. My experience as an elite athlete and sports scientist allowed me to present information in a way that was new and eye-opening for a lot of athletes. In 2016, I formalised my coaching business with my PhD supervisor, Professor Steve Stannard.

After completing my PhD in 2018, I committed to helping endurance athletes from all walks of life train smarter and become better. 

Based on my core values I have developed the following goals; 

Encourage athletes to challenge their current way of training. 

Fill the knowledge void between athletes and sports professionals.

Teach athletes to train more efficiently without the risk of injury and overtraining

Create a new generation of educated athletes.

Ongoing Coaching with Dr Will

My ongoing coaching is limited to 10 athletes at any one time due to the level of commitment and service I like to provide to each athlete. I’m in regular contact with all my ongoing athletes and review their training data after every key training session. There is a minimum three month commitment to allow the coach-athlete relationship to develop. If you’re committed to improving, choose this option. 

Who's it For? - Performance Athlete

You want to get the best out of yourself and you want the help of a PhD sports scientist. You’re ready to commit to training for your next big event or season. You want someone to be looking over your training and providing you with valuable feedback so you can continue to improve and stay on the right pathway.

1-on-1 Personalised Plan

I provide personalised performance plans for athletes who are looking for something a bit more than a generic training plan. Combined with the Endurance Training Hub Membership you are set with the complete toolbox to achieve your goals.

Who's it For? - Endurance Athlete

Endurance is your sport, your hobby, and part of your life. You’ve done a few events but you've struggled to put it all together on the day. You’ve come close but you’re not sure where to go from here. You know you need a personalised training plan because the generic ones aren’t cutting anymore. You’d like to speak with someone with experience and knowledge who will write a plan specific to your needs.

Not Ready for a Coach?


Try the Endurance Training Hub, an online interactive endurance training platform designed by yours truly - Dr Will O'Connor


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